Folkestone Transport S.E - Courier & Delivery Service
Terms & Conditions                                              Folkestone Transport S.E terms & conditions for household/comercial removals transport & Storage The customers responsibilities are as follows, during removal of your household/ commercial effects.It will be the sole responsibility for the customer/s. To ensure nothing is taken away in error or left behind by mistake. To take responsibility for security of your goods at the departure & destination points by being present yourself or asking someone to represent you. To obtain at your expense any documents/permits/paperwork necessary for the removal to be completed. To pay for any parking charges that may result whilst removing/delivering your goods To prepare and stabilize all appliances ready for moving ie disconect tvs,computers music centres. Unless it has been agreed in writing at the quotation stage we do not take down or put up curtains/fixtures & fittings take up or lay carpets, disconnect/connect appliances. This will be the responsibility of the customer. Waiting time if there is a delay at your delivery address before access is granted we may make an extra charge of £12 per man per hour starting at 2pm ending when access is granted. This is to cover the extra wages incurred. If we have to remove a door/s to get any goods in/out of the proberty.We may make a aditional charge, this will not apply, if we are charging you per hour for our services. Cancellation or postponement when you make a firm booking with michaels movers we may ask you for a small deposit. If you cancel the agreed date with less than 7 days notice for uk moves 14 days for european moves, we may not refund your deposit. Payment in full is to be made on completion of your move removals to europe may require full payment in advance. Storage Customers must pay 4 weeks in advance.If you do not keep your payments up to date and we can not contact you the customer at the address/phone numbers you have given us we are entitled to dispose of or if possible sell your goods to recover payment due. Insurance cover Your property is covered from the time it is placed into the care of or under control of Michaels movers until it is delivered to you. Subject to terms & conditions & exclusions of the insurance. The sum insured shall not exceed £10,000 unless agreed overwise in writing by Folkestone Transport prior to your removal taking place. Basis for claims settlement the age quality degree of use and market value of items will be taken into consideration when calculating any settlements. Parts & pairs where items are part of a set we will only pay for the actual parts that are lost or damaged. Exclusions no insurance cover is provided for the following stamps,deeds,bonds, Jewellery,watches,precious stones,money,mobile phones, explosives/flamable items. We are insured to enter your loft providing it is boarded and well lit with safe access If this is not the case any damage would be the sole responsibility of the customer. If Any items have to go out/in the property via window/balcony it will be at the customers risk and expense.The customer will be responsible for any damage/expenses if goods are moved this way. Michaels Movers shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from items which are brittle or have inherent defects. The mechanism in clockwork electronic or motor driven goods are not covered Unless there are visible signs of impact damage. Self esembly furniture is not covered.Items left inside furniture is not covered. Anything not packed or unpacked by us. Damage to plants or shrubs is not covered. damage caused by moth insect or vermin is not covered. Lino floors are not covered by our insurance. Loss or damage caused by leakage of liquid from a container, is not covered unless it was packed by us.Fixtures fittings proberty or goods damaged as a result of dificult access are not covered. Any consequence of war,invasion,civilwar,acts of terrorism,destruction of or damage to proberty by or under order of any goverment or local authority is not covered. Claim notification all claims arising from work carryed out by Folkestonetransport must by made in writing within 7 days of delivery. Excess The first £75 of any claim is to be payed by the customer. Subcontracting when needed michaels movers reserve the right to subcontract some/all of the work, you would be notified prior to any work taking place. Our terms and conditions would still apply. When making a booking with Folkestone Transport i/we the customer/s are in agrement with terms & conditions above.
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